Facts About Expensive “Health” Chocolates, Lead in Chocolate and Other Confusing Things

We are seeing a near hysterical rise in chocolate health claims, both good and bad, followed by some major marketing campaign encouraging people to buy very expensive “healthy” chocolates. The latter use terms such as organic, cold-pressed, free-trade and (the clincher) lead-free.

I mean, who wouldn’t want lead-free chocolate? Would we deny our body the same health consideration we give our Toyota’s gas tank? Worse, would we knowingly feed lead to our kids?

Obviously, this fear is so great that company’s can sell cocoa “superfoods” under names such as Xocai and Chava Vital Chocolate. The ad I clicked for Xocai promises “Healthy Chocolate Eat Dark Chocolate Enjoy health benefits Earn money while doing it.” Notice the lack of punctuation. That’s so they can jam more words in and still

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About richfoods

Gourmet food is almost by definition nutritious food. The problem is, Western tastebuds have been "brainwashed" by processed pseudo-foods.
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