Transdermal Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is sometimes called “transdermal magnesium therapy.”

In a sense, this is a new way to supplement the magnesium your body needs. Yet, in another sense, it is a very old way. Epsom salts were discovered when the town of Epsom in the south of England became famous for its bath waters many centuries ago. It wasn’t too long before people learned to boil down the water to extract the “salts” for their own use. The active ingredient in the salts was magnesium sulfate.

Epsom salt baths and poultices have since been used to treat everything from sore feet, muscle pain and skin blemished to asthma. Unlike oral magnesium supplements, epsom salts and transdermal magnesium have a long history of use.

This is what led me to look at transdermal magnesium oil.

First off, though,

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